CM1 Asks What’s in a Name?


The most surreal moment of the first CM1 Community Manager Conference, held last Thursday in Toronto’s Second City Theatre, came when the cosplay characters filed onto stage. Speaker Jonathan Sy, senior director of Edelman Digital, showed that he had taken his crisis-management topic to heart, “When Shit Hits the Fan,” by continuing nonplussed after the unscripted intrusion had ended.

Apparently the costumed heroes were part of a stunt to promote Best Buy Canada’s Reward Zone Gamer Club. But bizarre events didn’t end there. Many in the conference followed the public dissolution of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford on their smartphones. There was the remarkable image of city councillors turning their backs on Ford as he spoke. And how about when the leader of the country’s largest city clarified whose pussy he liked to eat? The silver-tongued devil.


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