editorial_work02_coverI helped to launch Canada’s first mass-market guide to the Internet and served as its editor for more than six years. Boasting a circulation of more than 700,000 and high readership scores, Sympatico NetLife was distributed to members of the Sympatico Internet Service, and sold on the newsstand and by subscription.




corporate_work02_cover-1I also served as a  project editor, managing the national team who created this booklet, in French and English, which was provided to  members of the Sympatico Internet Service, Canada’s largest Internet service provider. The various versions of the publication included our selection of the Top 500 or 550 websites and lots of how-to articles.

The Sympatico Internet Guide was designed to get Net newcomers up and surfing, so they would be less likely to get frustrated and quit. Successful in reducing membership “churn,” the booklet was updated and republished a number of times, finally topping 240 pages.

To see sample layouts from the first version, click here.

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