Discover the Art of Easy Living


I wrote the following post while serving as community manager of Applied Artworks, a site selling limited-edition art prints, as well as the assignment services of photographers and illustrators:

If summertime is about easy living, then the art of enjoying it should be simple, beautiful and affordable.

Applied Arts has launched its ArtWorks site to provide a gorgeous variety of art at summer sale prices. Whether you have a cottage, a home or an office that you want to decorate with prints of original images, you should visit the three ArtWorks Galleries:

Limited Edition: This specially curated gallery offers the stunning work of a select group of accomplished artists (like Tom Weinkle, whose painting is shown above). The Applied ArtWorks experts print the large-format images – with such fidelity to the original that every detail, every brushstroke is revealed – on special archival paper for enduring value and enjoyment.

Art Prints: In this gallery you can contact artists in different countries directly to acquire a wide range of photography, art and illustration prints. The different styles and subject matter ensure that you will find exactly the image you desire.

Assignment: If you are a designer or art director who is, sadly, forced to work this summer, then Assignment can help you get away early for the weekend. Here you’ll find high-quality professional photographers and illustrators for hire, to create original images for your next ad campaign, or corporate or editorial layout.

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