Blogging as Part of Your Content Strategy

Blogging continues to be an important part of many companies’ content marketing strategy. In order to work, the blog posts need to be published on a regular schedule and targeted to specific business objectives. I have worked with clients and their SEO houses to develop calendars of ideas, with firm publication dates that ensure a regular flow of focused content.

How the blog is used as part of a larger inbound marketing strategy, or works in conjunction with social media posts and marketing e-blasts or newsletters, also must be part of the planning and strategy.

Working with Espresso Communication in Montreal, I create consumer-friendly travel, leisure, food and other lifestyle posts for For Ecologos, an environmental charity, I wrote blog posts to support its Water Docs Film Festival, helping to achieve its best attendance to date.

I set up a blog and blogging strategy for Richard Killen & Associates, a Toronto network of bankruptcy trustees. The posts embodied the head trustee’s insight that their business was mostly about the emotional relief, and hope, their services gave people facing the toughest financial crises of their lives.

Working the LaCure – North America’s leading luxury villa rental company – I set up a magazine-style blog and worked with an SEO house to created targeted content. The content strategy I developed also involved a regular schedule of social media posts and e-newsletters, drawing upon the blog content. Here is a sample post.

On contract,  I worked with Ariad Communications to set up a daily blogging schedule for the Yellow Pages, driving consumers to particular categories of its directory listings.

And I have worked with a number of SEO and digital marketing firms, blogging for their clients and the agencies themselves.

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