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Build strong working relationships face to face


The best working relationships are established in person. But with workforces, suppliers and customers often dispersed over a wide geography, the challenge is to balance the need for personal contact with the business requirement to keep costs and hours under control. Allstream’s suite of videoconferencing solutions allows you to make strong face-to-face connections, increasing productivity, saving travel expenses and strengthening partnerships.

With our Bridging Service, savings are compounded by eliminating investment in the hardware and expertise needed for in-house capabilities. Our fully hosted service enables just two, or as many participants as you would like, to participate in the same conference, with the option of crystal-clear, high-definition video delivered over a secure and reliable ISDN or IP network.

The scalable and managed Allstream solutions can adapt and grow with you, and free you to concentrate on what matters most to your business.

Boost productivity across your organization

Not only will you minimize the expense and hours of business travel through videoconferencing, you will work more effectively, with:

• less time in transit and more time to perform essential business tasks\• seamless collaborations with remote business stakeholders

• accelerated product development cycles, working face to face instead of by phone

• faster decision making

• full, easy integration with existing workplace tools, such as phone books

Improve working relationships

Whether holding videoconferences in the boardroom, from your desktop or on the road, you will build stronger connections with colleagues, clients, partners and suppliers, by:

• collaborating more effectively, as you conduct meetings, share documentation and consult in real time

• using richer communication tools and enhanced troubleshooting to increase customer satisfaction

• providing staff a better work-life balance, with less time spent traveling and more time to do important things

Have the flexibility to adapt and grow

Allstream’s suite of scalable products can adapt to the changing demands of your business, by:

• connecting multiple internal and external users, or just one on one

• letting you link to any video endpoint without compromising quality of the experience

• offering flexible pricing options, ensuring videoconferencing investment keeps pace with growth

• enabling a burgeoning force of mobile workers to visually connect wherever they are

Make things simpler

Working with any existing videoconferencing solution, the Allstream Bridging service makes life easier by:

• eliminating the need for an in-house bridge

• saving hardware costs and investment in technical expertise

• leaving setup and quality control to Allstream’s certified experts

• fully managing services, including call and incident reporting

• allowing sites with different videoconferencing software or data rates to participate in the same meeting

• ensuring remote meetings occur in a completely secure environment

Reduce travel, capital and operational costs

Videoconferencing and hosted bridging capabilities help you to save in many ways, including:

• reduced business travel expenses

• a simple and cost-effective way to bridge to many endpoints

• minimized capital expense

• leaving videoconferencing setup and quality control to certified experts

• paying only for the services you need

• increasing videoconferencing use without exhausting network bandwidth

Increase your network ROI

Allstream helps you get the most of your investment in videoconferencing capabilities by offering services that are scalable, easy to use and integrate with existing applications. An investment in a single, comprehensive solution can provide centralized control for on-site and remote videoconferencing systems, including support management, deployment and scheduling of the entire network.

The Details

In today’s competitive economy, it’s crucial that companies and organizations collaborate effectively, especially from remote locations. With its real-time audiovisual interaction, videoconferencing provides the closest experience to meeting in person.

The challenge becomes to find a full suite of flexible solutions. You need a service that can reliably link multiple users, or just two, on a dependable network that won’t be bogged down by high-bandwidth multimedia applications.

Allstream Videoconferencing offers services that cover everything from a full boardroom setup to personal workplace and mobile video connections. We also provide a reliable, fully hosted bridging service that enhances workflow throughout an organization with its seamless connectivity.

With more than a decade of experience, we can supply customized and effective solutions for almost any job function in any industry, including financial services, health care, education, government and professional services.

Group Solutions

Allstream Group Solutions enable multi-person collaborations that strengthen relationships, drive faster decisions and can create conference room dynamics that are the closest thing to actually meeting in person. They can also:

• easily link multiple internal and external users for a virtual meeting

• connect to any kind of video endpoint without compromising quality of experience

• allow increased videoconferencing deployment without overwhelming your network.

Personal Workspace Solutions

Allstream Personal Workspace Solutions bring videoconferencing from boardroom to the personal desktop, on both Mac and PC computers. Without leaving your chair, you can tap into the real-time, face-to-face communication of your desktop videoconferencing system, helping you to:

• improve your time management

• integrate, view and share live video streams and your PC-based tools

• choose from solutions that range from a wide, high-definition screen for the most “real” viewing to a video VoIP desk phone

Mobile Solutions

Mobile workforces are becoming the way of the world. Workers in home offices or on the road need a cost-effective, simple-to-use solution that keeps them visually connected to colleagues, customers and suppliers. Allstream Mobile Solutions enable users equipped with camera-equipped handheld devices to:

• connect from public spaces or remote offices – wherever they are working

• consult in real time with experts back in the office

• easily interface with a company’s larger videoconferencing network

Videoconferencing Bridging Service

This hosted service can link point-to-point and/or multipoint video calls for crystal-clear, high-definition and standard-definition videoconferencing on ISDN and IP networks. Saving time, money and trouble, the service enables you to take advantage of Allstream’s expertise, technology and bandwidth to enjoy trouble-free, secure videoconferencing. Other advantages include a:

• full-time operator who schedules, tests, initiates and monitors calls

• Speed Matching feature that allows sites with different data rates to participate in the same conference

• trans-coding option for sites with different videoconferencing software

• variety of call and incident reports

• video call recording and archiving option

• audio-only connectivity option that allows users with sound capabilities alone to participate in a video meeting

Our Videoconferencing Services connect you to the Allstream network.

Whether you are trying to link two people or 200 through videoconferencing, our network, backed by a team of certified experts, can accommodate your needs. With proven stability and unlimited capacity, we can grow and change with you, handling increased traffic in stride while always delivering the experience of natural, face-to-face communication.

Gain all the benefits of Videoconferencing – nationwide. 

Allstream’s high-performance network delivers reliable, secure business communications from coast to coast, combining advanced IP connectivity, digital switching, fibre-optic transport and the latest security technologies. We can help you converge data and video with local, long distance and private voice traffic over a single network. And we give you global connections through strategic partnerships with leading service providers in more than 70 countries.

Get the best in reliability and security. 

Our end-to-end IP infrastructure delivers exceptional quality of service (QoS) performance across the country. We deliver critical IP-based business applications via highly secure transport modes, providing any-to-any connectivity and supporting real-time voice, data and multimedia communications.

Build on our great track record in innovation. 

Allstream has regularly been first to market in emerging areas of converged IP networking and unified communications. For example, we built Canada’s original MPLS virtual private network and IP Trunking installations. We can further your organization’s pursuit of innovation on many fronts: to drive ROI on network and IT resources, to reduce infrastructure and operating costs with managed services, and to customize applications that improve business flexibility.