Putting Words In Motion

As a writer and editor, or content developer and curator, I tell stories – whether they’re online or in print, spoken or for broadcast. The medium doesn’t matter. The message does.

I believe that the right words can move. They move people to buy, to sell, to tears. They create a rapport, an empathy. They form the bond that ties company to customer, publication to reader.

Often the best words are the ones left unsaid. Peel away the unnecessary verbiage to get to the essence – the emotional core that resonates. The still point that sets everything in motion

To put your own words in motion, call (416-729-5633)  or email me for a quote.

Beware the Power of Dark Scrum

Agile project management needs to be aware the power of dark scrum. Scrum is an agile methodology for managing development projects — mostly software projects but increasingly used in other fields needing flexible and innovative project management solutions. Working in small increments of time (sprints), the scrum teams deliver in predetermined increments, with measurable goals and the flexibility to learn and pivot on the fly.

Scrum goes dark when agile flexibility and teamwork are undermined unreasonable expectations, creating dissension among team members and stakeholders, and turning quick, agile moves into awkward stumbles.

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Buying in the Hot Toronto Condo Market


Is it a good time to buy a condo?  More and more people are asking themselves this, looking to break into one of Canada’s hottest housing markets, or to downsize their empty-nest homes.

And the answer is frequently yes.

These days a condo makes sense from an investment point of view – even when housing prices dip in the city, condominium values tend to remain strong and even increase. And the condo-building boom in Toronto continues.

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The Man Who Would Be King

Who says print is dead? While it has definitely taken a backseat to digital media, it still has specialty uses for when marketers want something tactile, with value, that they can put into people’s hands as important keepsake and selling tool.

A case in point is the magazine-style publication I helped to create with branding agency 52 Pick-up for Bianca, a condominium being developed by Tridel in Toronto’s New Dupont district. The magazine serves as a city guide for prospective buyers, showing them the kind of the lifestyle they would enjoy here, with outstanding cultural, culinary and shopping attractions.

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