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So, your venture is beginning to take shape. You’ve created something innovative in the MaRS incubator, something that you are dedicated to and want to market. You know your value proposition. But how do you communicate it effectively, so that you get the results you want?

You have to make every word count. You have to speak in the right way to the right people.

I can help you with your words. While I have written lots for big corporations, my favourite work has been for entrepreneurs and start-ups. I share your sense of excitement about bringing a venture to life. And I know how important it is to get maximum mileage from a tight marketing budget.

With special rates for MaRS members, I can offer the following writing and content development services:

Content Marketing
One of the best ways to up your site’s page ranking is by creating strong, engaging content linked to an SEO strategy. I can write optimized blog posts for your start-up, which can also serve as content for social media and targeted e-newsletters.

Website Content
A website will often be the first point of contact for someone interested in what you have to offer. So your words must convey your value proposition from the get-go, clearly, simply and effectively. You may know your business better than anybody else, but I can translate your passion into words that work.

Case Studies
When you have started to do business, one of the best ways to convey your product or service’s worth is to present case studies, showing how it is used by customers, highlighting the benefits they’ve received. The case studies could exist both online and as printed handouts.

The trick with advertising is to distill something complicated, with volumes that can be said, to its essence, so it can work in the brief format of an ad. And it needs to have enough punch to get noticed in an era of information overload.

Proposals and Grant Applications
Whether you are applying for funding or responding to a formal RFP, I can bring to bear writing and editing  skills that will set you apart from other applicants. I’ll convey your special merits while adhering to the byzantine requirements of the document.

Other Services
I can provide a full range of marketing communications for you, whether it is a sales sheet, marketing e-blast or printed material, such as a brochure. If you need connections to other suppliers, I can introduce you to graphic and interactive designers, art directors, photographers, illustrators, videographers and SEO professionals.

Call (416-729-5633) or email me for more information or a quote.