The optimized blog post that drives social media content and serves as a basis for specially targeted e-newsletter: Marketing and communicating on the Internet is about rallying tribes. Whether the tribes are Facebook likes or Twitter followers, they must be reached and moved to act.

With unlimited information available at the stroke of keyboard or a swipe of the tablet or smartphone, your words must cut through the clutter. To remain competitive in an online realm where SEO has levelled the playing field, constant streams of content are required to improve page rankings.

If this content is rich and read and linked to, then it will be effective, whether it is social media post, a B2B website or a marketing e-blast.

LaCure Social Media

LaCure is North America's largest and most luxurious villa rental company. As their community manager, I edit and sometimes write twice-weekly posts for their magazine blog, do daily post on Twitter, Facebook and Google+, and issue a monthly newsletter, highlighting some of the best of the content.

Applied Arts Social Media

As community manager at Applied Arts, I wrote daily blog posts, used to drive content to Facebook and Twitter (supplemented by social media-only posts), and served as the basis of a biweekly e-newsletter.

Applied Arts Website

As the online and print editor of Applied Arts, I made sure that the magazine website had a varied supply of Web-only content.

Killen Landau & Associates

I have co-written blog posts with Richard Killen, a Toronto bankruptcy trustee, for the business he founded, Killen Landau & Associates.


I was one of three writers who produced more than 30,000 words of copy in a few weeks, as part of a complete design and content overhaul of the Allstream website.

Roaring Pavilion

Thee Divine Villa's Roaring Pavilion, in St. Ann's Bay, Jamaica, is one of the Caribbean's most luxurious villas. It is located on James Bond Beach, where they shot the scene from the 1963 007 film Dr. No, where Sean Connery meets Ursula Andress (Honey Rider) after she emerges from the sea in famous white bikini.

Applied Artworks

As the community manager of Applied ArtWorks, I took care of the blog, social media and site for the startup venture.

V Del Sol

To launch a new line of very elegant and sexy swimwear, the owners asked me to write V Del Sol’s website, catalogue, press releases, e-cards, special promotions and other marketing materials.